We set up Self Service because we wanted to create a really simple way for you to get high quality, well designed books made. There are lots of services out there that you can send your files to and they will produce a book for you but we think there is something important missing. Great things happen when you collide designers with other creative people.

Self Service aims to reduce the cost and hassle of getting books made, without loosing the valuable input of a designer.

Self Service books are designed from templates, all of which are limited to 50 uses. None of our books are above £--- each. We have low minimum quantities. And all our books are made in the UK on sustainably sourced materials.

There are 3 simple steps to getting your books made. Choose a template, Fill in our online form to receive a quote and send us your files. Then just wait for the postman to deliver your books.

Over the years we have designed and produced lots of books and publications. We love it, we love the challenge of making something new. Self service is for all the times you don’t need a bespoke design, but for the times that you do require something unique please email us or take a look at the Stanley James Press services page.