We enjoy designing and making real things, physical things that you can hold in your hands. Most importantly we love a challenge and projects that make us consider how to make things differently. If that's you why not say hello...


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Email us emily@stanleyjamespress.com


Our greatest projects come from brilliant collaborations with people that want to try and achieve something different. We find it is best to be involved in projects early in the design process so we can be involved in developing ideas. We are usually involved in designing both the content and visual identity as well as the physical structure and mechanisms of a finished thing.

Where necessary we can produce shorter runs of paper goods in our studio, this allows us to achieve more unusual and complicated outcomes. Larger scale projects are usually sent to a number of trusted printers we work with regularly .

With all this in mind we came to the conclusion that a website might not be the best way for us to show you all the things we do. So we'd like to send you a real thing. Something made of paper. Delivered straight to your door. If you'd like to receive some mail click here.