Walt's Lost Luggage


This project was a collaboration with The Simonsound and Curtis James to create an imagined world told through the contents of some lost luggage.

The story of Walt’s lost luggage starts in the mid 1960’s when Walt Disney travelled to the UK hoping to find a location to open a new Disney park. The code name for this project was ‘The Transit Authority’. During his trip a suitcase was left behind and remained in lost luggage at the Dorchester Hotel until our characters grandfather took it home one day.

The suitcase’s contents included many hints to this story including, a map marked with possible park locations, slides, a miniature reel to reel tape machine capturing Walt making notes as he travelled across the UK, a data tape full of electronic noises, scale model photos (original models produced by the wonderful Mini Paper Pavilion Club), official letterpress ‘Transit Authority’ stationary and a Pilot Pack.

This project was an experiment. After The Simonsound released it’s ‘The Beam’ single we all decided we wanted to send a copy to someone who is particularly hard to reach. We wanted receiving the single to be as exciting and full of story as the single itself. 

As well as collaborating on the story and ideas for the different elements all the stationary was designed and letterpress printed by Stanley James Press.

To watch a video of the tape machine click here.