Designing Future Time Capsules

A few weeks ago John Willshire from the Smithery called, he needed some time capsules designing for the Royal Society, more specifically time capsules from the future. So for an intense three week period other work got paused and I became a time capsule designer. 

The aim of the capsules was to encourage discussions between members of the Royal Society about which future technologies to focus on in coming years. The capsules were based on four future scenarios. Four unique, slightly dystopian, worlds distinct from each other. The capsules documented the social implications of future technologies rather than the technologies themselves.

Over the three weeks I was involved in a workshop at School 21 in Stratford where we tried to uncover the types of physical items a group of 13 year olds would put in to a time capsule to represent their lives as well as gaining an insight in to their general feelings towards future technologies. I worked with John to help invent the list of different items that would eventually be included in the four capsules, followed by a week of designing the multiple identities, layouts and objects needed to make these objects feel real. Three of my favourite items included an X-ray of a health chip implant, some packaging for insect sausages and a scratch card for an astroid mining company.

It was really interesting trying to embed myself in these dystopian futures as well as finding ways to share these stories with others via our time capsules. It was also a great opportunity to work with some very clever people including the Smithery team, Tom Forsyth and that inspiring bunch of 13 year olds in Stratford. 

To read more about the project go here. And as always thank you to Curtis James for the photographs.

Textile Book

I hand bound some one off books for the textile designer Rosie Green. I’m completely addicted to the amazing patterns she designs.

Holly Pickering Promo Book

I got to work with Holly Pickering a couple of years ago, designing her a lovely foldout promo filled with delicious food photography.

It’s really nice to work together again this year creating a beautiful foil embossed book full of colour.

Chris Floyd Promo Book

I’ve been busy which means I haven't had time to share any of the nice new work I've been doing. Over the last few months I've been working with the photographer Chris Floyd, designing and hand binding some promo books for him. I highly recommend you check out his website, especially his great blog posts on photographing different people. Here are a few pictures of the books we made together.

Goodbye 2016

What a year 2016 turned out to be. I think I will always remember 2016 as a year of division, a year of divided opinions across countries and a divided nation choosing to isolate itself from its neighbours.  All in all I’m happy to see the back of 2016, this brand new year, only a few days old, currently provides a brief opportunity for optimism, 2017 has to be better than 2016 right?!

Amongst all the unsettling news I managed to work with some incredible people last year, some of them now long term friends that I have worked with on many projects, and some inspiring new people I hope to work with on many projects in the years to come. One particular project that will dominate my memories of 2016 was mine and Alma Haser's Cosmic Surgery project, it’s successful Kickstarter campaign and the design and making that followed took over so much of our time, now that it is over there is part of me that still wishes it was going on.

My year was also defined by adventures, spending my time walking across the country, hiking in the mountains, surviving a thunder storm and 1000’s of aggressive midges in Scotland with my trusty adventure companion and human midge sacrifice Curtis James. Me and Felicity, the other half of the This Way team, finally launched our first map detailing routes that can be walked connecting Brighton to Lewes. Part of our long term plan to find ways that being outside can be described as part of our work.

As always my aim for this new year is to work with amazing people working on unusual projects and to spend as much time as possible outdoors. I’m also hoping to find myself crossing the Atlantic by cargo ship in the spring (but more on this one later if it happens). As a result of such a terrible year I’m desperately trying to find some people to work with that are trying to make some kind of positive social change. I’m desperate to put my skills to good use with the idea that this might help keep me sane in 2017. Please email me if any projects or people spring to mind.