Portrait Salon 2015


For the 5th year anniversary of Portrait Salon we decide to do something different to the Newspapers that have been created for the last 4 years.

Unlike previous years this years Portrait Salon was not going to be judged, every photographer that entered the competition would be exhibited and the publication needed to reflect this.

The final publication became a sticker book. Each one came with a random selection of 50 stickers, a fraction of the 350 stickers produced, and 50 blank locations in the publication to attach them. On the evening of the exhibition launch we set up a sticker exchange which contained all the stickers. People were able to swap stickers in their packs for ones they found at the sticker exchange. 

This meant that people could curate their own publications or judge there own Portrait Salon selection.

Stanley James Press designed this publication, managed the production and was also involved in the sticker exchange.


Edition of 500.